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The birth place of Živojin Mićić (1855-1921) Struganik 5km




The house of Duke Živojin Mišić today is now a memorial complex, whose setting is composed of two parts, historical and ethnological. Within the museum there is an exibition with a theme that shows Živojin Mišić in the context of historical events in late 19th and early 20th century, with emphasis on those events in which the Duke played a significant role had and why his work is studied in military academies all over the world.

The house of Duke Mišić chronologically presents his background,childhood and education, family history of the Mišić's, his military career in the Balkan war for independence, the First World War, with special emphasis on Kolubara battle, then his illness, his last days and finally recognition and contribution military science. In 1977 the experts from the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments from Kragujevac completed the recontruction of the house of Živojin Mišić. They returned the original appearence of the spacious house where he spent his childhood and helped it become a lasting monument. The house is a typical dinar type, in the subterrane is the celler, the house is mostly built from wattle and daub, and a smaller part from logs, the roof being covered by tiles. The house is 150 square meters in size and celler is 50 square meters. There is a bust set up in a village, the work of a sculpter Veljko Forcan from Belgrade.




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