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Water source




200 meters in length and 60 meters in width. The soil has been drilled, the main well is right by the bathhouse. The temperature of the water in an average of 27°C. From it the water is taken to all the hotel objects. At the exit of the well, the water flows on its own down the pipes at about 60 liters in a second. Near by the main well, there is a shallower well, 16 meters deep. The water was once implemented to three water pipes, 3 cm in diameter , from which the water flowed freely. The hotel visitors drank this water to heal their stomachs and stones in the kidney, as well as eye illnesses. The old pipes were replaced and the water was conducted to a new drinking water fountain. Part of the spring is channeled and takes the water to the river Toplica. The channels pass through the hotel complex and visitors often spend time in them. In the bath house "Živojin Mišić" at the end of the pool, male and female, the water naturally passes through in strong jets always filling the pools. During the holiday season the pools are refilled naturally twice an hour every day.






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