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Four tennis courts enrich the hotel ambient. Complying with the highest standards, they are often a reason for the arrival of many lovers of this sport. As much for recreational reasons as for professional reasons.
There is an impression of a tennis club in Belgrade.

Dear tennis players,
We would like to present hotel "Vrujci" to you. This is a place where our tennis club has preparation trainings every year, on four tennis courts and in a peaceful atmosphere far from the city noise. As the hotel has an indoor swimming pool and fitness room, our trainings consisted of swimming, running, gym and tennis every day. We think that the hotel distinctly has decent accommodation, polite staff and excellent food. If you have thought about a place to train, the hotel "Vrujci" is a great solution.


Your Sincerely
TC "Classics" Belgrade
Coaches: Marko Žrkić, Saša Prošić, Ana Vasiljević











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