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We are known as a base for intensive preliminary preparations for professional sportsman, who relate to us because of our excellent location, quality accommodation and infrastructure.
Inside the hotel there are rooms for a complete relax treatment. Jacuzzi, showers and sauna are joined by a massage room and changing room. There are two jacuzzi baths; one is circular in a diameter 2.20 m with six jets for hydro massage. The bath is by the sauna, which is used in combination with the jacuzzi baths or showers in the adjecent  room. You have the possibility of using the service of a professional relax massage thanks to the presence of professionals who are involved in the hotel’s programme.

The surrounding of the hotel “Vrujci“ and its natural beauty is very colourful and the best way to experience it is during long walks. Walks through orchards, fields and forests is the best kind of sport. In addition to walking through the countryside is recommended by every doctor. From the view of most doctors worldwide it is thought that for a healthier life we should walk at least 8 to 11 km. Those that are not physicaly or health wise able to stand such long walks should start with shorter ones.











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