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The Velimir courts – Ključ 15 km

The remains of an ancient town from the 15th century, a protected cultural monument. The complex is consists of the surrounding wall length of 40m long, " a tower" and one stiple church with a parvis that has been preserved to the hight of the cornice. It is situated on the river Lepenica.

Šalitrena ( Big, giant) cave – Brežđe and Gornji Lajkovac 17 km

Significant archeological site, located in the gorge of the river Ribnica, on the left bank, 12m above the riverbed. The enterance is at 227m above sea level, 9m wide and 6m high. The length of the cave is 135m. In the central auditorium, objects from before 7 000 (neolith) and 12 000 (upper palaeolith) period were found, which is a very rare instance in Serbia , where there is not much found of Paleolithic period. In the cave lives a colony of bats.

Dobre Vode – Planica 19 km

Located on the slopes of Suvobor mountain, where mountain Shepherds all-round competitions are held.


Krčmar 20km

Kulina The remains of a m edieval fortifications and prehistoric to the early Byzantine foundations. It has an elongated shape and extends 80m in the east-west direction with a tower diameter 8m on the west side. It is located in the source area of the river Krčmar.




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