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Ribnica 7km




A hidden beauty, Ribnica, is named after (Riba – fish) the fish that fed people from this area for thousands of years. The Ribnica canyon is an oasis of natural beaulty not far from city centres. This part of the countryside is a challenge to all those who love trips, fishing, hunting, mountaneering and it is near.
The Ribnica Cave. It is located on the other side of the Ribnica river. Its enterance is in the shape of a triangle. Its height is 12m and it is 25. Wide and it is at the level of the river. Within the cave live fifteen types of bats, that are very rare in Europe. Because of its beauty and rarity it is designated as a natural monument .

The Church st. Peter and Paul. Built in 1907 on the remains of a monastery that was probably built during the rule of the Nemanić dinasty. The monastery was burnt down three times by the Turks . The stone inn with a porch is from the 18th century. Opposite the church is a school which was built during the rule of knjaz (Prince) Miloš.




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