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Remedial water




Temperature – about 27°C
The Chemical composition. The thermal water is categorized as oligomineral hypothermal.
Acidity and alkalinity – when consumed it is good for neutralising the acidy in the organism, in humans for example in the stomach.
Silicon acid – The water can be used for skin disorders, traumatic states and other sicknesses of the gastro intestine system.
Flour – the water can be drank in unlimited amounts, as it can be used for other internal needs, for inhalation.
Gas system – The water's gas composition is nitrogenous, with traces of carbon dioxide, and quite an absence of hydrogen sulfate.
Active elements – Based on research up to now, the water falls into the category of mild radioactive water. It affects the increase of leukocytes, the lowering of blood pressure, acts on the endokine glands (exceptionally acts on the activity of the thyroide gland), also on genital glands and the anterior pituitary lobe. Because of this many radioactive springs have been named as health facilities for "rejuvenation" so many people came to them, men as well as women. This water has a positive effect on the some skin diseases and old wounds.





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