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Remedial qualities




Rheumatic disease, gynecological problems, aneamia, kidney stones and problems with the urinal trakt, skin disorder, healing of wounds, eye illnesses...are some of the things that we heal.

The thermal remedial waters are used in the whole complex of the hotel Vrujci.
As it is told by the people of this place, there is a tale about the Spa, that is, about hotel Vrujci. As legend has it, during the Austrian War in 1914, during the retreat of the enemy, their army took all the horses from the settlement, except one. It was too weak and ill, unable to walk, so it was left to die near the thermal springs. For some time it lay in the mud and drank water from the spring and recovered. Its shabby coat grew again and the horse grew and the horse grew(izbrisi) stronger and recoverd. It returned to its master. Word about its recovery quickly spread and after the First World War preperation for the spring to become a common good started.





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