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Remedial mud




The thermal waters bring from the deep the finest seil, rich with minerals and radioactive materials and deposit it down the banks of the river which flows through the Spa. In this way over thousands of layers of remedial mud have been formed over the years. The remedial mud, humus, contains over a thousand times a bigger concentration of elements and isologues than the spring water.
Before the Urban development of the complex the healing waters and the river bed were the biggest bog. Today most of the layers of the remedial mud are near the second watermill and can be found down the river Toplica, as well as in the river bed. This precious mud is used in many different ways: it can be used on the spot, taken home, it is used by the private medical centre in the hotel Vrujci. The remedial mud can also be made artifically from the soil brought from the bog in special caldrons and by special apparatus.
Teh remedial radioactive mud was used by the inhabitants of the local villages even in 1931. Even then it was known that rubbing the bluish mud over the body and bathing in the sun helped with rheumatism, lumbargo, varicose veins, skin disorders and other illnesses. They noticed that cabs and eczema disappeared, that skin was rejuvenated, that wounds healed.



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