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Ravna Gora 29km




Ravna Gora paid the price of its past. In this area , apart from the forester's cabin (which was reconstructed and adapted in 1995) and a newly built temple St. George *built in 1998), there are no other buildings. There are no houses here, electricity or any roads. What gives this undeveloped place a great value is in fact its historical dimension.

Mokra (wet) cave. Represents the most valuable and most interesting touristic potencial of Ravna Gora. It is situated at an altitude of 645m. It is located on the left side of the river valley Grab, which is the only hydrographic element in this area. It is here in the Mokra Cave that the source of the river can be found. The total length of the cave is 395m, the height amplitude is approximately 16m. It is easily accessable along it's hole length. From the seventieth and eigfhtieth meters there are rich cave ornaments, where stalacites drape prromenently 4,5m long. Along the whole length of the cave flows a stream
The name of General Draža Mihajlović is most related to this area.




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