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Mionica 10km




The church of Christs resurrection. The church was built in 1856. It is known for its icons of "The Valjevo school of art" (Hadzi Ruvim, Petar Nikolajević Moler and others) from the late 18th and early 19th century. It is under protection as a cultural and historical monument. The church tower was used by Živojin Mišić as a look-out during the Kolubara battle in 1914.
The stone bridge of Živojin Mišić. The bridge was built over the Ribnica river. In addition to its architectural value it has a historic singificance, too. On it the famous army commander during the Kolubara battle, stopped the first serbian army force from retreating, he braved them and returned them to their positions. He went out, as if in a trans, before a crowd of people, soldiers, elderly and weak homeless soldiers, who seek refuge in a panic for their lives. He stops a group of solliders on the Ribnica bridge and says using the language of the people.
"Where you going as if you've lost your minds?"
In the air his strict voice could be heard:
"Shame on you! Are you Serbs? Who are you running away from? From krauts (Germans) ...the worst soldiers in the world. You, who beat the turks, Bulgrarians and the same Germans, are running now! You are stepping on your women and children...You who have arms are turning away and leaving your own, leaving them in the line of fire, with no arms, to Whom?
"Where is the enemy you are so frightened of?"
The general estimated the morale of the army, combat situation, and strike capability well.




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