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Slavko Nedić, Ljig

"I got ill from rheumatism in July 1962 and could hardly walk, and the pain was unbearable. I couldn't even sleep. I went to the Spa Vrujci and bathed twice a day and rubbed mud on me. After the twelfth day I felt better, the pain was gone and I could walk. I stayed there for seventeen days and from then on I didn't bathe as I felt much better.

(Negovan Bošnjaković), Golubac.

He came to Vrujci for the first time in May 1926, totally immobile. His companions made a hut near a tree not far from the spring, which at the time was a little deepened and fenced by wattle. They covered their hut with straw. They took him to the spring on a stretcher and put him into the water. He spent half an hour in the water twice a day. After some fifteen days he could walk using stilts, after twenty days he walked home from the Spa Vrujci to his village.

(Ivan Predić), Niš

I came to Vrujci for the first time in July 2003 by recommendation from my doctor, as a possible solution to future offspring. I have been married since 1998 and from then on I and my husband have tried to have children, but unfortunately without success. At that time I heard about Vrujci and in hope of a solution to my problem a decided to visit the Spa. I stayed in the hotel Vrujci and used the thermal mud, bathed in the channels of the water for the infertile and drank the water, only to find out some months later that year that I was pregnant. My happiness knew no boundaries. Now I have three children. I go to the Spa Vrujci every year





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