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Since 1979 when the hotel was opened a great number of clubs and players, on their way to top results, have used the conveniences a moderate climate and healing waters give. The hotel in it's complex has one football terrain which is a standard competitive dimension. It is a grass grounds and high quality. Many first league matches have been played on it. The grounds are without a tribune and athletic tracks. The hotel has often been a host to many of our great football clubs.
Among the most eminent are F.C. Red Star, F.C. Partizan, F.C. Sartid, F.C. OFC Beograd, F.C. Obilic, F.C. Bežanija, F.C. Borac Čačak, F.C. Jagodina, F.C. Čukarički, F.C. Kolubara, F.C. Napredak Kruševac, F.C. Rad, F.C. Radnički Kragujevac, F.C. Radnički Obrenovac, F.C. Zemun, F.C. Priština, F.K. Omnia (Cyprus).
Among the most famous football players who have stayed in our hotel are: Marko Pantelić, Dejan Rambo Petković, Dule Savić, Dragan Dzajić, Vladimir Petrović Pižon...
"...One of our clubs which has the greatest number of throphies and is World known F.C. Red Star adopted Vrujci as an oases for preparations. This is where they prepared for the semi – finals of the duel for the Yugoslav Cup with the "Obilić" team., then for the final game for the Yugoslav Cup in Novi Sad with "Vojvodina". For the duel with the "Knights" in Vrujci international aces like Stanković, Marković, Ognjenović, Pantelić...players of "Red Star" had preliminary training here for the UEFA Cup against the winner of the Cup Belgium – the "Ekeren" team. At the time the manager of Red Star Dragan Dzajić visited them here."











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