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The Yugoslav box Federation was born in the hotel "Vrujci". At that time Milutin Pršić, the first President of YUBF said: "Above all our goal is to bring Gianfranco Rossi, who has become our member, to the title of World Champion, but we have great hopes in Ljubiša Simić. Also we have Vukašin Dobrašinović, Jovica Prvulović and others…Our main base for professional preparation training to YUBF will be in the hotel "Vrujci". The conditions are remarkable, the altitude is 600 meters, the countryside is wonderful, the air clean, the staff of the hotel always polite."
Box lovers at the hotel Vrujci had an opportunity to see a great come back of the master of the honorable sport and former World Champion of the supervelter category, Italian Gianfranco Rossi in the ring". In a spectacular match Rossi beat the Bulgarian Milka Stojkovae. Preliminary bouts: Dobrašinović - Paskuliev and Đuričković - Nikolov. About 1000 Spectators enjoyed a great fight, the quality of the fight was "spiced" by a spectacular show in an emptied pool.


Boxing champions, Ljubiša Simić and Jovica Prvulić, traditionally prepared for matches In Vrujci. After thorough preparations in hotel "Vrujci", The Jugoslav boxer Ljubiša Simić won the title of world champion in IBF after he overcame Oscar Fernandez from Spain and by decision of three international judges.











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