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The art colony




It was established in February 1997 under the patronage of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, the Assembly of Mionica and hotel Vrujci in the Spa Vrujci. Over time, this colony became a tradition and gathers upto ten academic artists every year. In the colourful landscape of the Spa and its near surroundings the artists get inspiration for their works of art.
Then exabitions are held in Belgrade and Mionica, and almost in every part of hotel complex are beautiful paintings which were a presents from eminent artists. Because of a well-thought-out programme work of the colony was made a lot more work than expected , so being in the hotel allows you to be well informed about current art works in our country.
Beside paintings in oil on canvas, in tempera, pastels, watercolour or a combination of these techiques, there are also fresco techiques, icons and encaustics. Academy students, their professors and eminant arts enjoy visting the art oasis od Vrujci.





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